Caliwoods Stainless Container

Caliwoods Stainless Container


Why you will Love the Stainless Lunchboxes!

These beauties are so useful day-to-day. The large is the perfect size for a big salad or to fit a filling lunch inside. The 700ml is a touch smaller and great for snacks, carrying with you and storing left overs. 

Lightweight, durable, stackable (700ml fits inside the 950ml Container)

Perfect for work and school lunches, takeaways and outdoor adventures. 



The Specifics of the Stainless Containers:

Silicone leakproof lid (BPA free)

Reusable and durable 

Images show the 950ML container complete with the pastel green lid. The image with the 2 containers shows both the 950ml round stainless container as well as the 700ml which has a yellow lid. 

SMALL (Lid: Yellow): 700ml capacity  |  12cm diameter  |   5.5cm Height  |  Tare Weight 157g

LARGE (Lid: Green): 950ml capacity  |  14cm diameter  |   6.4cm Height   |  Tare Weight 176g


Care For Your Containers 

Dishwasher safe! Containers can be put on the top shelf of the dishwasher

We suggest hand washing the silicone lid for longevity