Emile Henry Delight Induction Tagine 32cm 4L

Emile Henry Delight Induction Tagine 32cm 4L


Do you tagine? If not, you should. There is a reason that this shape is so enduring and popular overseas. And it is definitely not a one trick pony -  the base can also be used for stovetop or oven cooking by itself.  I use mine for making large pies with perfect pastry and from oven/hob to table serving saucy dishes

Dating as far back as the 9th century, the tagine's conical shape creates a moist, hot cooking environment. As the food cooks, steam rises into the cone, condenses, and then trickles back down the sides. The dish finishes tender, aromatic and rich with flavour.  Made from Flame Ceramic, the tagine can be used either directly on the heat or in the oven, and allows you to make delicious tagines, stews and any other recipe which requires simmering.

Handmade in France from Burgundian clay for gentle, even heating—ideal for bringing out flavours during slow cooking.  The special clay will keep the contents hot for a long time after being removed from the oven.  The durable glaze resists scratches and will not chip, crack or craze over time nor will it absorb odours or flavours.  Use in the oven, on electric or gas elements, in the microwave and freezer plus THIS TAGINE CAN BE USED ON INDUCTION cooktops.

Dishwasher safe