Lodge Blacklock Skillet

Lodge Blacklock Skillet


New from Lodge - Blacklock

Triple seasoned for a natural nonstick finish

Cast in a thin, lightweight design

Extended, raised handle stays cooler longer

Generous pour spouts for pan sauces and gravies

Sloped, spatula-friendly sidewalls

Elevated assist handle for added comfort and great control

Made in South Pittsburg, Tenn., USA


Use & Care

Triple SeasonedTM

Blacklock, like all Lodge cast iron, has natural cooking oil baked onto the surface. This forms a protective layer for an easy-release finish. The difference? Blacklock is seasoned three times, making the surface naturally nonstick.

The more you cook with your cast iron, the better the seasoning.


We know highly acidic and alkaline foods can feel daunting when using cast iron cookware, but after only a few uses with the triple seasoned finish, we encourage you to feel free to introduce these foods to your pan.

Safe to use on any heat source or cooking surface, whether indoors or outside.

Always lift cookware on smooth-top stoves.

Always take precaution to protect your hands when dealing with a heated pan.

Take care of your cast iron and it’ll last for generations. Simply wash, dry, and rub with oil. That’s it!

Did you know you can use soap? While you usually don’t need it, there may be times where you have some tough baked-on food—or a lingering odor or taste (think: fish). A little soap will refresh your pan and keep your seasoning intact.