Spice Boutique Tea Filter

Spice Boutique Tea Filter


These are empty tea bags that you can fill yourself with your own tea to your own strength. When spice.boutique unbleached tea bags are immersed in boiling water, they become more translucent than traditional white bleached tea bags - allowing you to see your tea infusing perfectly.

Convenient and easy to use - fill the the tea bag with your favourite tea, pull the natural cotton drawstring to close, and infuse the tea bag in boiling water. After preparing your lovely cup of tea to your own strength, dispose of the tea bag conveniently in any bin. The tea bag is biodegradable and will not contribute to landfill.

All Spice Boutiques unbleached paper tea bags have zero plastic content, a 100% natural cotton drawstring and are fully biodegradable and home compostable. They do not contain environmentally harmful dioxins or genetically modified materials.

Material: unbleached biodegradable paper 

Cup Bag Size: 5 x 7cm Pack of 100

Tea Pot Bag Size : 7 x 9cm  Pack of 50