Staub Wok 37cm 5.7L

Staub Wok 37cm 5.7L


The Staub Wok is a is a delightfully versatile piece, suitable for use from stove to oven to table, with its functional and top quality design and aesthetics

Each Staub piece is made in France using a sand mould which is destroyed after each piece is made, so every Staub piece is totally unique

The tight fitting glass lid retains moisture and cooking heat perfectly

Enamel cast iron is a traditionally strong material, ideal for low heat cooking, it absorbs heat quickly and distributes it evenly, eliminating hot spots

Interior black matte enamel finish that requires little seasoning over time and is more resistant to scratches and chips and is able to endure higher heats when braising, roasting and caramelising

Smooth bottom is suitable for use on any cooking surface, including induction without scratching the surface of your cook top