Taylor PRO Candy Deep Fry Thermometer

Taylor PRO Candy Deep Fry Thermometer


 Achieve the optimum candy-making and deep-frying results by using a thermometer to test for the perfect temperature

Measures temperature ranges 35°C - 205°C

Features a convenient adjustable, silicone coated pan clip to prevent scratching of cookware whilst enabling safe usage and consistent temperature readings

Long 17.7 cm stainless steel stem, ideal for measuring the temperature of deeper liquids

Strong and durable stainless steel case with modern black silicone accents for a safe and easy grip during use

Unique shape and design will not roll off counters

Easy-to-see bright red pointerCandy (105°C to 155°C) and deep fry (170°C to 190°C) zones are conveniently printed on the dial as a handy indication