WMF Lever Corkscrew with Opener
WMF Lever Corkscrew with Opener
WMF Lever Corkscrew with Opener

WMF Lever Corkscrew with Opener


  • Material: Precious material combination of chrome plated cast metal and PP plastic - Dimensions: Length: 20cm 
  • The Clever More lever corkscrew is impressive because of its timeless modern design. It also combines a corkscrew and a bottle opener. Thanks to the practical 2-in-1 function, you will save space and money!
  • Its corkscrew functions according to the new lever technology, whereby corks can be uncorked without great effort. Use the integrated bottle opener to open bottles with crown caps effortless.
  • The benefits: 
    • Modern design.
    • Intelligent functions.
    • High-quality materials.
  • Thanks to the high-quality materials and easy operation, the Clever More lever cork screw is a popular accessory for any household.

Product description

There are many different types of wines, and just as many different wine bottles and bottlenecks. The WMF wine /prosecco corkscrew is designed to open every bottle without difficulty. It comes with a flexible plastic housing that fits on every bottle. In addition, the silvery polished Cromargan® surface is a stylish eye-catcher.

The name says it all: The WMF Clever & More collection provides clever little helpers for the bar sector. These are both helpful and attractive, for example corkscrews, wine pourers and bottle tops. In addition, the collection includes selected glasses. Their design is straightforward and elegant, and the slim, aesthetic walls give them a graceful touch. However, the reinforced bases emphasise that the Clever & More glasses are destined for preparing cocktails or other mixed drinks.