WMF Premium One Cool+ Cookware Set 4 Piece with Saucepan

WMF Premium One Cool+ Cookware Set 4 Piece with Saucepan

$1,195.00 $1,566.00

From now on there is no reason to steer clear of cooking because the new stackable 5 Star Premium One cookware range from WMF combines all the attributes needed in the modern kitchen. Combined with the world innovation from WMF which patents have been applied for: the Cool+ Handle Technology.  There are inventions that are immediately convincing: like handles on a pan and lid that do not get hot during cooking.  The WMF Cool+ handle technology effectively reduces heat conduction between the pan and the handle. This makes Cool+ the first handle technology, awaiting world patents, that exceeds the requirements of the DIN EN 12983-1 standard.  The metal non-insertable lid with steam vent prevents steam escaping around the sides and water splashing onto the hob.  The pans, made of robust, easy care Cromargan®, have a TransTherm® universal base, an inside scale, a pouring rim and - they are stackable thus saving space.

Made in Germany

The set consists of -
1 x High Casserole 16cm with Lid
1 x High Casserole 20cm with Lid
1 x High Casserole 24cm with Lid
1 x Saucepan 16cm - no lid

If all cookware set pieces are purchased individually the price would be $1566.