Woolbabe Merino/Organic Cotton Summer Pyjamas

Woolbabe Merino/Organic Cotton Summer Pyjamas


The Woolbabe sleepsuit feels like 100% cotton but contains 30% merino.  This is enough merino to help with temperature regulation and make the jammies perfect for a wide temperature range. Any they are stylish enough for everyday wear on those days that an all in one is your go to.  

These are perfect for wearing inside a Woolbabe sleeping bag, or other sleeping bag or with regular bedding.

30% merino/70% cotton jersey fabric.

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash with liquid wool wash for best durabiity. We recommend avoiding laundry powder as this can damage the merino fibres.

Tumble dry on low, line dry or hang on your heated towel rail.  This fabric dries very quickly. 

Please note if you hot tumble dry these suits they will shrink in the length quite a bit, so only line or LOW tumble dry.

We recommend drying immediately after washing by either hanging flat or low tumble drying.

Size & Fit Info:

These suits are about right for the age, ie not too big or too small.

They are a bit longer in the body than skinny fit onesies, to allow plenty of room for cloth nappies or pull-ups at night.


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