Zyliss NEW Safe Edge Can Opener

Zyliss NEW Safe Edge Can Opener


The Safe Edge Can Opener is one of the safest can openers on the market, solving many common problems of traditional can openers

Opens cans from the top, rather than the side, thereby avoiding leaving sharp, exposed jagged can edges

The unique design allows the opener to align and lock onto the lid of cans in one simple movement, so the lid cannot fall into the can; whilst allowing safe and easy disposal of the lid

Features a metal bar on the side which functions to provide extra protection from the blades of the opener

Blade does not touch the contents of the can during use, ensuring the opener is kept clean; whilst the contents remain hygienic

Ergonomic and comfortable soft touch, non-slip TPE grip handles are designed to fit comfortably and securely in the hand, ensuring optimum control and stability during use